Check how your PM's are doing and prevent burn-out, bore-out and attrition.

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How was it created?

Bas & Martijn are both active in the product leadership community. There they found that too often, PMs ‘suddenly’ leave or burn out. We know PM roles are (and should be) stressful, so it is a fine line. 

This started our search to answer the question: How can you predict if PMs are about to leave or burn out?
We combined our brains: Bas his medical background as a doctor, and Martijn’s original  bachelor-thesis was on burn-out we had the perfect mix to create a Stress Assessment that specifically suits Product Manager. This consists of the best behavioural tools available, to which we added product specific flavour. Now we can proudly measure the stress level and turn it into a probability of PMs leaving the company in the next 3 to 6 months. You also get practical tips on how to prevent this. 

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What some of Our peer group participants say:

Jeroen Brouwers Head of Product @ Vesper

Being part of the Group Effort peer group is incredibly valuable. It provides a platform for exchanging ideas, best practices and learnings with people in the same position.

Miranda Ippel Head of Product @ Twelve

In the peer group sessions, Martyn listens attentively, intervenes when the conversation veers off course, and frequently employs metaphors for clarification. He remembers the main themes from previous sessions for each individual, which deepens the conversations and advice. This is not only impressive but also extremely valuable for the participants.

Gijs Hendrix CPO @ Convious

As the most senior product person in my organisation, it's very hard to get useful feedback. This is what the Group Effort peer group provides me, as well as opportunities to get challenged and grow. It's been incredibly valuable.

Arco Westbroek CPO @ Carerix

It's very useful to share knowledge and be challenged by people in the same role within other companies. It's also fun to only need half a sentence to understand each other and have a relevant conversation.

Tom van der Woude Head of Product

The peergroups give me the opportunity to learn from the experiences of Heads of Products. I notice that more and more often I find myself in situations where I can apply what my peers have already experienced and learned and I can apply that knowledge to make judgment calls or prevent making mistakes that I would have probably made otherwise.

Jelle Kamsma Head of Product @ ANP

Martijn is an excellent facilitator who always has a metaphor or story at hand to help you reframe your thinking.

Sjoerd van den Biggelaar Product Owner @ Eurofiber

Every day, distractions come by that you can use as an excuse to neglect or postpone less enjoyable but more important matters. Martijn made me aware of the distractions of the day and the choices I was making unconsciously. He didn't do this by telling me what to do, but by skillfully coaching me in the right direction with questions and tools to help me understand the situation myself.

Peter Deumer Director of Software Development @ Eurofiber

As a coach, Martyn managed to provide a mirror instead of advice. Based on what I saw in that mirror I managed to identify certain aspects of myself, both personal and business, that I wanted to work on. I very much liked his approach towards sustainable improvement.

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