find your ideal product leader by leveraging our network

Recruitment Process

  1. Assessment to check if your need is in scope (5min)
  2. Discover if there is a match between hiring manager and us (30min video call)
  3. Culture scan to determine not only competency but also cultural requirements (Interview 2 to 3 colleagues)
  4. Start search and selection*
  5. Introducing Quality Candidates (weekly 10min update)
  6. Interview rounds
  7. Proposal
  8. Hiring
*We ask for 10 weeks exclusivity, and usually have quality candidates in the first weeks.

Why us?

  • Extensive network of experienced Product Leaders in Amsterdam, Berlin & London, increase your chances of quickly finding the perfect fit. 
  • Martijn works with 70 Product Leaders personally on a yearly basis, giving him the in depth knowledge to properly vet the candidates
  • Reduce time to hire by an average of 6 weeks
  • Takes culture into account in matching

About The recruiter

Martijn built, scaled and sold his own EdTech company in five years. Now he leverages 10+ years of product leadership to help companies transition from sales/tech-led to product-led. To achieve this he founded Group Effort in 2022, creating a network of product experts through peer groups and leadership coaching. This unique network allows him to find the perfect fit for product leadership roles, while reducing the time to hire by an average of 6 weeks.

Case study: Automotive Scale-Up

This was a rapid scaling company, growing above 100% year over year. In the last year they took on a Series A funding round, giving them the opportunity to scale fast. The round meant that they could seriously invest in their leadership team, and they decided to start looking for the best of the best to lead their different departments.
Group Effort was suggested to them by a product executive from another company, and they engaged with us to assess if we could indeed find their ideal candidate. In this process we refined the description of the role and agreed on the terms quickly. The process started with a culture scan, and was later supplemented by an extra assessment of the product department. This led to further refinement of the image of the ideal candidate, which was found shortly after. 

A big reason for the success was not just us, but also the client company taking on the responsibility to communicate very quickly and thoroughly. This made it possible to connect a their ideal candidate, even though that person already had an offer from a different company. 

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Client Matching Assessment

We offer a short assessment to determine if who you are looking for is someone we expect to be able to find. After this 5-minute short assessment, if we believe the role is in scope for us you will get the opportunity to book a call and we will send our term sheet for search & recruitment (including process, fee and expectation).